While there are multiple definitions of the term metaverse out there you can think of it as a fully immersive and interactive internet, where users can explore, create, participate and connect in ways that were previously impossible.

Enabled by advanced technologies, it offers new and exciting opportunities for brands to interact with consumers in both the digital and physical worlds. We believe that the metaverse represents a paradigm shift in the way we engage with digital content, and that it will continue to shape the future of online interactions. The metaverse is not a place you go, it is an experience you have.

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The metaverse presents an exciting opportunity for brands to engage with customers through new marketing dimensions. With personalized avatars, virtual worlds to explore, digital products to discover, and use of immersive technology and interactive platforms, the possibilities for new brand experiences are endless. While the metaverse is a rapidly evolving space, we see six dimensions at the core of future metaverse marketing ecosystems.

Digital products & assets
Digital identities & avatars
Virtual worlds

Community & collaboration
Immersive experiences
Interactive platforms

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With our AND-to-END approach we empower brands to unlock the full potential of the metaverse and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving space. By creating innovative concepts and strategies, we develop cutting-edge metaverse campaigns that leverage emerging technologies to deliver immersive and impactful experiences, shaping the brand's digital future. Our approach covers the entire spectrum of metaverse marketing, from ideation and strategy until advisory in execution and optimization.

Gate to the AND-TO-END process

As a team of experts and creative technologists, we bring deep knowledge of the metaverse marketing and emerging technologies to guide you from your first metaverse activation to full-scale marketing strategies.


In our Co-Creation sessions we make a deep dive into your brand to identify and develop relevant metaverse use cases that align with your values and objectives.


We give your ideas a reality check and create a detailed concept that defines the customer experience journey, technical infrastructure, project scope, costs and resources to create impactful experiences for your audiences.


Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you turn concepts into reality. We help by setting up the project team, identifying the right implementing partners, and ensuring that the project remains aligned to the concept and objectives throughout the implementation phase and is executed efficiently and effectively.

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We have a vast partner network consisting of experts and metaverse solution providers across a variety of fields including tech, marketing, communication, and legal. This network allows us to provide our clients with access to the right implementation partners that fit the scope and needs of their project. We have developed close relationships with all of our partners over the years, ensuring that our clients have access to the best resources and expertise available in the metaverse space.

AR & VR development 
NFTs & Web3 Dapps
3D & animation
AI & automation platforms
Games & virtual events

Creative Storytelling
Social Media & Influencer
Community Management
Media Activation
Cooperations & Partnerships


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"Together with AND we have developed a strong Metaverse strategy and concept for the activation of our platforms CUPRA MUSIC LAB and METAHYPE. We use emerging technologies around Web3, virtual worlds, avatars and Augmented Reality to reach new target groups with immersive touchpoints."

Giuseppe Fiordispina

Marketing Director CUPRA / SEAT Germany
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"I appreciate the work AND has put into our project. An NGO like #flutwein can only be successful with partners who go the extra mile. With their network and expertise in NFTs, blockchain technologies and activation around these innovative topics, they designed an innovative Web3 campaign for us. With the auction of a #flutwein red wine bottle as NFT, we have already set a new world record with the campaign."

Daniel Koller

Director Strategy, Content & Creation Seven.One AdFactory
Co-Initiator Flutwein
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"Together with AND, we created a fully customizable, interactive Metaverse advertising space that can be easily accessed through a link on the web. As a forward-thinking partner dedicated to innovation and Metaverse marketing, they brought our vision to life with their creativity, strategic approach and by onboarding the right solution partners."

Stephan Winter

Chief Strategy Officer, PHD


Daniel Sack

Managing & Innovation Partner
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André Groß

Experience & Creative Technology Partner
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Lars Reinartz

Senior Digital Advisor
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