Started his career as a music and film producer. Serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, founder and CEO of Recordbay Agency and Varycon Saas platform. Experience in more than 2000 digital and creative projects with clients like Henkel, Telekom, Sony, Dior,Bayer, Ferrero and Microsoft.



With our enterprise-ready AI-based CMS platform, VARYCON, we are revolutionising the way brands communicate with their customers. With a simplified interface and rich cloud rendering capabilities, VARYCON lets you customise and personalise any digital experience. For example, with VARYCON, every component of a video or AR experience can be changed and replaced with just a few clicks, changing text overlays, photos, colour grading, logos, lower thirds, 3D visualisations, music or voiceover based on customer data. The future of advertising is here and it is hyper-personalised thanks to VARYCON.


Henkel Adhesives for Consumers & Craftsmen's iHub is a unique concept that combines physical and virtual spaces to create an inspiring and educational environment. Located within the Inspiration Center Düsseldorf, the iHub serves as a gathering place for Henkel employees, key customers, and stakeholders to learn about the company's commitment to sustainable solutions, smart innovations, and people impact. In the physical iHub, visitors can explore an interactive presentation on a state-of-the-art screen wall using a radar touch interface. The modern architecture of the space further enhances the experience, creating an immersive and memorable environment. Additionally, the content within the iHub is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of individual customers, providing a personalized and tailored experience for all visitors.


We tackled the challenge of generating attention for invitations in an innovative and interactive way for our client, Salesforce. With their global reputation and history of trying various technologies, we were tasked with redesigning the invitation process for their international Innovation Centers. Our solution combined the existing offline process with a new, state-of-the-art online experience. Guests now receive physical invitations with a special digital surprise - a personalized Augmented Reality experience. Using our Media Content Creator, VARYCON, the AR-invitations can be easily customized for each guest with just a few clicks or via bulk upload.


Bombardier Transportation faced the challenge of presenting large machines and projects at exhibitions without having them physically on site. As a company that specializes in mobility solutions and develops various types of rail vehicles and infrastructure for entire cities, their products must be presentable everywhere. To address this issue, we created a digital installation for screens and interactive presentation tables, called "tangible tables," that demonstrated individual vehicles in operation as well as overall mobility solutions for different city types. The interactive tables are controlled by the presenter via free sliding pucks and display mobility solutions and rail vehicles in highly realistic situations


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